GlobTek touts EAC-certified off-the-shelf power supplies for medical, other applications

GlobTek is touting the wide variety of EAC-certified power supplies that it is offering for applications including medical, information technology equipment, household and more. A full list is available on the Northvale, N.J.–based company’s website.  EAC certification, formerly known as the Russian GOST-R certification, implements a new logo (EAC mark)  – and involves the implementation

TDK launches AC-DC power supplies series

TDK Corporation recently released its new XMS500 series of AC-DC power supplies that are rated at 500W output power and have a Class I and Class II construction. The new power supplies series is compliant with curve B conducted and radiated emissions with a 6dB margin. It also has a low leakage current of less

CUI launches new open frame series for medical power supplies

CUI‘s Power Group recently released five new open frame series for its line of internal ac-dc medical power supplies. The series ranges from 180 W to 550 W and is certified to the medical 606011 edition 3.1 standards for MOPP applications and fourth edition EMC requirements. The VMS180, VMS225, VMS275, VMS359 and VMS550 also have

How Igus moving plastic components are enabling medtech innovation

Advanced plastic components maker Igus sees more medical sector opportunities. Here’s how its e-chains, bearings and linear systems are enabling innovation.  Igus – maker of advanced plastic components including e-chain cable carriers, bearings and linear systems – has its main medical customers in Europe. But that could soon change. The company plans to sell to

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Sager Electronics announces open frame power supplies availability

Sager Electronics, a North American distributor of interconnect, electromechanical and power components and provider of value-add solutions, has announced that it is now stocking TRACO Power’s TPP 15 and TPP 30 AC/DC power supply series. These 15 and 30 Watt AC/DC power supplies feature a reinforced double I/O isolation system according to latest medical safety

This sweat-powered biofuel cell could create better wearable devices

Engineers at the University of California at San Diego have created a stretchable sweat-powered biofuel cell, and it could enable better wearables. The biofuel cells use energy from sweat to generate 10 times more power per surface area than other biofuel cells that are used in wearables. The researchers claim it could be used to

Dulas solar-powered refrigerators save vaccines in Myanmar

Dulas, a British solar refrigeration manufacturer, has completed a training program in Myanmar for Ministry of Health technicians as part of its supply package of its World Health Organization accredited VC200 Solar Direct Drive (SDD) vaccine refrigerators. The program was designed to help healthcare workers learn about the technology of the refrigerators to make sure

Long Island IEEE section to host power electronics exposition

Lee Teschler, EE World The IEEE section in Long Island, N.Y. will host the first-ever power electronics symposium to be held in that area on Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017. Organizers say they plan on having at least four technical lectures and expect to host 25 to 50 exhibitors and over 200 attendees. Organizers expect a

New biocompatible batteries harvest energy from the body

University of Maryland engineers have created a biocompatible battery that uses the same ion-based electrical energy that is present in all living things – including humans. Sodium, potassium and other electrolytes are constantly flowing through our bodies and creating electrical signals. The electrical signals are what power the brain and help control the rhythm of

9 battery and power source advances you need to know

In the drive toward tinier implantable medical devices and wearable health sensors, battery and power source technology has been a major stumbling block. As experts noted in a discussion about battery technology during DeviceTalks Minnesota in June, battery innovation in the field is especially slow. Going too fast has its risks, too. Case in point

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Sager Electronics picks up SL Power medical series

Sager Electronics said today that it has started stocking SL Power’s MB60S 60 W single output medical series. The MB60S medical series has a small 2-by-3-by-1-in. footprint, according to Sager (Middleborough, Mass.), a North American distributor of interconnect, power and electromechanical components.  delivers 60 Watts of convection cooled power. The high-power density makes the The  MB60S

How to power handheld surgical devices

High energy lithium metal oxide (LMO) batteries enable handheld surgical devices to be small and ergonomic, allowing surgeons to operate quickly and efficiently to reduce fatigue. Sol Jacobs, Tadiran Batteries Battery-powered devices now span the entire medical spectrum: automatic external defibrillators (AEDs), robotic inspection systems, infusion pumps, bone growth stimulators and other wearable devices, glucose

How adaptable accessory power systems can open new markets

An adaptable accessory power system provides a way to avoid stocking different electrical cords for the country to which the device will be exported. Ralph Bright, Interpower Although most companies would like to market their products in more countries, adapting the products to local codes requires different power cords, circuit protection and electromagnetic compatibility. It’s no

Pacific Power Sources announces new power source monitor

Pacific Power Source has announced a unique touch-screen monitor user interface mode for its new AFX Series of programmable AC and DC power sources. This new capability extends the front-panel LCD touch and keypad controls onto a large, high-resolution monitor with touch capability. Both the instrument screen information and touch-screen version of the front panel

Cicoil touting kink-resistant power cables

For power cord applications that require resistance to kinking, fatigue and fraying, Cicoil (Valencia, Calif.) offers mechanically tough, yet extremely flexible cables.  These easy to handle flat cables don’t require bulky insulating materials and fillers, which results in a more lightweight, flexible and tangle free cable design. Unlike circular power cords that tend to kink