New guide details benefits of canted coil spring–based contacts for active medical implantables

An updated technical guide published by Bal Seal Engineering, Inc. provides designers of active implantables with a detailed look at how the company’s Bal Conn electrical contact technology can ensure consistent, reliable connections in devices used to deliver neuromodulation and cardiac therapies. The 10-page guide, titled “Electrical Contact Solutions for Medical Active Implantables,” describes how

SSCOR publishes guide to supply line disruptions

SSCOR, Inc., a leading manufacturer of medical devices designed to aid healthcare professionals in clearing patient airways, recently announced it is publishing a guide to help emergency preparedness directors plan for potential supply issues that might arise during a disaster situation. The e-book, The Emergency Preparedness Professional’s Guide to Planning for Hospital Supply Line Disruptions,

METTLER TOLEDO produces hints and tips guide on improving DO and pH measurement accuracy

Process analytics using in-line sensors plays a major role in monitoring manufacturing to ensure the required process conditions are always being met. Obviously, reliability of the data from sensors correlates with sensor measurement accuracy, but accuracy is not solely dependent on the use of high quality sensors. Sensor maintenance and calibration procedures significantly influence a

Inspection Series: Logs

Editor’s Note: This story was originally posted here. Reprinted with permission. Introduction We are introducing a new recurring blog series called the “Inspection Series” to provide information and tips for surviving your next inspection or audit. Regardless of whether it’s an unannounced inspection or a scheduled audit, there is a lot of preparation that can

AirClean Systems presents its new horizontal clean benches

AirClean Systems’s horizontal clean benches combine Class 100 (ISO 5) process protection with rugged, easy-to-clean polypropylene construction and microprocessor-based controls. Horizontal laminar flow clean benches from AirClean Systems are the ideal solution for Class 100 (ISO 5) applications where process protection is needed. Constructed from all white seamless polypropylene, these workstations are easy to clean

Using data science to achieve ultra-low dose CT image reconstruction

Prof. Jeff Fessler and Prof. Yong Long, Ph.D. of the University of Michigan-Shanghai Jiao Tong University (UM-SJTU) Joint Institute are collaborating on a project to develop a dramatically improved approach to low-dose X-ray CT image formation by extracting and using information from a big-data corpus of regular dose X-Ray Computed Tomography (CT) images. The research is

3W to 10W DIP-24 DC-DC converters have medical certification

TDK announces the introduction of the TDK-Lambda PXC-M series of DC-DC converters. Operating over a 4:1 input range, the 3W, 6W and 10W products are enclosed in the industry standard 1.25 x 0.8 x 0.4 in. DIP-24 package. Applications include a wide variety of medical applications and battery powered equipment. With a 5,000 Vac input

PRO2 Medical Supplies announces availability of the latest portable oxygen concentrator

In response to customers demanding an overnight, portable oxygen concentrator that reduces cylinder deliveries and eliminates the trouble of changing and carrying multiple oxygen bottles, PRO2 Medical Supplies is happy to announce the availability of the LifeChoice ActiVox Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) complete with AC/DC power supplies, carrying bag and cannula. Designed to accommodate active oxygen users, the LifeChoice ActiVox Portable

Banner Engineering Q4X laser measurement sensor now available in analog models

Banner Engineering announces its industry-recognized Q4X laser distance sensor is now available with analog output. Featuring 4 to 20 mA and 0 to 10 V output options, the Q4X analog models expand the variety of applications Banner’s Q4X laser distance sensor can solve, including fill level indication, part positioning, roll diameter, loop control, thickness verification

Sanmina’s familiarity with FDA gets skin treatment product to market fast

The medical market for cosmetic devices is booming. However, quickly launching new products to meet demand is becoming more challenging because device manufactures face increased regulatory scrutiny. To help meet regulatory requirements, aesthetic and other medical-device OEMs are partnering with electronics manufacturing services (EMS) companies that also offer expertise with the FDA filings necessary to

MSC Apex Diamond Python and Smart Midsurface speeds modeling to validation

MSC Software announced a new release of MSC Apex, the company’s award-winning next generation Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) platform. The MSC Apex Diamond Python release introduces: · The fourth release of MSC Apex Modeler is a CAE Specific direct modeling and meshing solution that streamlines CAD clean-up, simplification and meshing workflow. New in this release is

Quality Metrics: FDA’s plan for a key set of measurements to help ensure manufacturers are producing quality medications

Editor’s Note: This article is written by Ashley Boam and Mary Malarkey from the “FDA Voice” blog. Boam is an FDA’s acting Director of the Office of Policy for Pharmaceutical Quality, the Office of Pharmaceutical Quality and the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. Malarkey is an FDA’s Director if the Office of Compliance and Biologics Quality

Turkish medical company is seeking reseller and OEM partners in the U.S.

UZUMCU Medical Equipment, one of Turkey’s first and largest manufacturers of medical devices, is seeking reseller and OEM partners in the U.S. The company has an array of FDA-certified OR tables, surgical lights, surgical suction units, electro devices and other medical equipment. “We want to bring our experience with distributors throughout Europe and the Middle

Prescribing the right power supply: Important considerations for using batteries to power medical devices

Sol Jacobs, VP and General Manager, Tadiran Batteries Medical technology is advancing rapidly, requiring increasingly sophisticated power management solutions, especially when then the device needs to be self-powered. Battery-powered medical devices encompass a wide range of applications, including surgical drills, power tools, automatic external defibrillators (AEDs), infusion pumps, bone growth stimulators and other wearable devices,

How to effectively design and develop batteries for the medical and healthcare field

British battery manufacturer, Accutronics, offers its latest whitepaper for free download, which tackles the issues facing battery design, development and use in the medical and healthcare field. The intention is that it will help Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) better understand the possibilities and limitations of rechargeable battery technology in designing products for the medical sector. “We