Trelleborg unveils process innovations and seal glides at MD&M West

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions showcased its silicone processing and medical device solutions and new nanoscale coating at MD&M West this year. The company’s new Seal-Glide nanoscale coating is a thin elastomer coating at the nano-scale level. Its layer thickness is reduced by a factor of 10 to 50 when compared to conventional coating systems. Seal-Glide has

Medtech stories we missed this week: Jan. 19, 2018

From Privi Medical’s FDA clearance to OrthoXel getting FDA clearance and CE Mark approval, here are seven medtech stories we missed this week but thought were still worth mentioning. 1. Privi Medical wins FDA nod for hemorrhoid device Privi Medical has received FDA clearance for its Instalief Hemorrhoids Treatment device, according to a Jan. 18 news

Qosina adds medical-grade O-rings to stock

Qosina (Ronkonkoma, N.Y.) has stocked its bulk, non-sterile O-rings that are used for static sealing applications between two components as a primary seal to prevent leakage. The O-rings are made from medical-grade EPDM and silicone which allows for heat resistance and suitable ozone and aging properties. They come packaged in 100 per bag and are available

This surgical glue seals wounds in 60 seconds

A potentially life-saving surgical glue that is highly elastic and adhesive can quickly seal wounds in seconds without the need for common staples or sutures. The surgical glue, called MeTro, is a development from biomedical engineers at the University of Sydney and biomedical engineers from Harvard University. MeTro has a high elasticity that can seal

Peter Hahn appointed new business area president at Trelleborg Group

Peter Hahn has been appointed new Business Area President of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions as of January 1, 2018. He succeeds Claus Barsøe and will like his predecessor be a member of Group Management. Claus Barsøe will become EVP within Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, focusing on the transition to the new president and future business development. Peter […]

Insights into fastener torque auditing and certification

An improperly torqued screw can mean the difference between passing certification and product failure. A new technical article from Futek outlines the importance of gasket and seal integrity validation, as well as third-party repair certification, and standards compliance and traceability in this fastener validation process. Requirements for tool verification are similar, whether the end product is

11 companies with interesting technology at MD&M East

Thousands of engineers and executives are expected to descend on the Javits Center in New York next week for MD&M East, the largest medical device manufacturing event on the East Coast. Fun attractions include Apple co-founder Steve “Woz” Wozniak delivering a keynote speech, the 19th annual Medical Design Excellence Awards, robot battles and a 3D printed

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Silicone and medical devices: 7 things you should know about it

Drew Rogers, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions. Silicone’s popularity for use in medical devices has been growing.  This is due to its compatibility with bodily fluids and strong chemical structure. Advancements in medical polymers are also part of this push toward next-generation single-use medical devices, implants and packaging technology. In order to get the right material, configuration and

Low viscosity, electrically insulating epoxy features excellent optical clarity

Master Bond EP30LP-2 is a two component epoxy with a low viscosity and a volume resistivity of over 1014 ohm-cm, making it well suited for potting and encapsulation applications. This high-performance system can also be used for bonding and sealing. “While it is not biocompatible, it can be used in optoelectronic medical devices if that is

How Trelleborg is getting the most out of its acquisitions

Heather Thompson, Senior Editor As is the case with many medical device industry suppliers, Trelleborg has engaged in a spate of acquisitions to broaden its offerings and better serve the growing needs of its OEM customers. Last year, Trelleborg, Sweden–based Trelleborg announced the acquisition of Tustin, California–based Specialty Silicone Fabricators. They’ve made three other acquisitions

Datwyler Sealing Solutions touting state-of-the-art product portfolio at MD&M West

Datwyler Sealing Solutions will present what its officials boast is a state-of-the-art product portfolio of health care components at MD&M West 2017, Feb. 7-9, at Booth #680. The product range offers excellent components and sealing solutions for safe, effective drug delivery and secure packaging, according to the company. Its production standards are among the most

Selecting seals for new insulin delivery devices

Insulin pump manufacturing requires intense technical precision, especially when it comes to selecting seals.  Drew Rogers, global director of healthcare & medical, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions With more than 400 million adults worldwide suffering from diabetes and 1.5 million deaths directly attributed to the disease each year, it’s no wonder so many scientists, inventors and pharmaceutical companies

Thermally conductive, high temperature resistant epoxy passes NASA low outgassing tests

Certified to meet ASTM E595 NASA low outgassing standards, Master Bond EP46HT-2AO Black is well suited for the aerospace, electronic, opto-electronic industries and can be used in vacuum environments. This two component system blends thermal stability with a high strength profile for a variety of bonding, sealing and encapsulation applications. EP46HT-2AO Black combines superior thermal

What are ways to maximize supplier value when sourcing seals for medical devices?

Colin Macqueen/Director Technology/Trelleborg Sealing Solutions  Today’s medical devices require seals to contain fluids, exclude contaminants, protect electronics, and assist in metering doses of medication. It’s common for manufacturers to complete the design of a device, including the seals, and then seek several competing quotes to find the best possible price for the seals. But this might not be

Seals key in new Ypsomed insulin pump

Swiss med-tech company Ypsomed (SWX:YPSN) launched its portable, light-weight insulin pump with seals designed by Freudenberg Sealing Technologies. The pump, mylife YpsoPump, was introduced into the European market today. Insulin pumps, which continually transport insulin into patients, must have a very precise dosing mechanism. To facilitate a reliable measurement within the pump, there must be as