How a smartphone app can detect concussions on the sidelines

A new app from the University of Washington could screen for concussions and other traumatic brain injuries from a smartphone. Researchers at the University of Washington are currently working to develop a smartphone app that can detect brain injuries when they happen. The app’s goal is to detect the injuries on the sidelines of sports

This app turns your smartphone into an ultrasound to measure heart health

Engineers at the California Institute of Technology have turned a smartphone camera into an ultrasound to non-invasively give detailed information about someone’s heart health. Ultrasound scans take 45 minutes using the machine. Using the Caltech-developed app, the procedure is cut down to a minute or two. Huntington Medical Research Institute engineers created a technique that

This smartphone app accurately screens for heart arrhythmia

Maybe a selfie can help after all. The Media Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology has developed a mobile app that uses a smartphone’s camera to detect signs of a heart arrhythmia. Evaluating a person’s facial expressions is one of the ways to determine if someone is experiencing a stroke. The MIT app measures and