Tamarack’s GlideWear helps kids with painful skin condition

A company that makes ultra-low-friction fabric for people with burn injuries, amputations and pressure sores has launched a clothing line for children with a painful skin condition. Known as “butterfly children,” these patients have epidermolysis bullosa (EB), a rare genetic disorder in which their bodies do not produce a protein that would enable the skin

These bandages change color based on pressure

Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers have created a bandage that changes colors to indicate if the bandage is applying enough pressure on limbs to stimulate blood flow during compression therapy. Compression therapy is a form of treatment for patients who have venous ulcers and other conditions that make it hard for veins to return blood

Mack Molding invests $5 million to upgrade facilities

Mack Molding (Arlington, Vt.) recently announced that it is investing more than $5 million to increase its manufacturing capabilities in its North Carolina and Vermont facilities. The company plans to increase the large part production capabilities in its Statesville, N.C. facility while also investing in new equipment and day-to-day operational needs at all three of

How you can control lab-grown heart cells with a remote control light

University of California San Diego researchers have created a technique that speeds up and slows down human heart cells that are being grown in a dish on command by shining light on them and varying the intensity. The heart cells are being grown in graphene which turns light into electricity, a more realistic environment that

How researchers are 3D printing sugar scaffolds for tissue engineering and device manufacturing

Engineers at the University of Illinois built a 3D printer that makes a delicate network of thin ribbons from isomalt, the same type of sugar alcohol that is used to make throat lozenges. Since the material is a water-soluble, biodegradable glassy sugar structure, the engineers suggest it could be used in multiple applications, including biomedical

Covestro touts textile materials at Techtextil North America

Covestro is touting its line of raw materials and products that are ideal for a variety of textile applications at Techtextil North America at booth #2023, May 22-25 in Atlanta. The company is showcasing its new TPU Fiber that is made with Desmopan TPU and a polyamide. It can be used in footwear, functional textiles,

Paper-folding art is the inspiration behind these adhesives

A paper-folding art known as kirigami is the inspiration behind a new adhesive film for bandages that don’t usually stick to mobile joints like the knees and elbows. Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers have developed a thin, lightweight and rubber-like adhesive film that sticks to highly deformable regions of the body. The kirigami-inspired film has

Foster appointed distributor for Repsol polyolefin portfolio

Foster Corp. recently announced that it has become the North America distributor for Repsol‘s healthcare polyolefins portfolio. The company will distribute Repsol’s polypropylene, polyethylene and ethylele-vinyl acetate copolymers within the North American healthcare markets. Repsol’s medical-grade polyolefins are typically used in a number of healthcare applications like syringe barrels and medical bags. The company offers

Elastocon TPE Technologies launches new medical-grade thermoplastic elastomers

Elastocon TPE Technologies is launching its latest medical-grade compounds at the National Plastics Exposition in Orlando, May 7–11, the company recently announced. The new medical grades, Elastocon 8028N and 8068N, can be injection molded, extruded or overmolded. The features include high flow properties that allow for complex part design, flexibility, odorless, cold weather stability, UV

Carbon partners with Dentca and Dreve for 3D-printed dentures

Carbon recently partnered with Dentca and Dreve to make 3D printed dentures and gingiva masks and trays. The collaboration will allow the production of customized 3D printed dental products on Carbon printers using materials from Dentca and Dreve. “While 3D printing is not new to the dental market, Carbon provides a complete solution with a

MD&M West 2018: Medtech supplier innovations you need to know

Updated Feb. 5 More than 20,000 engineers and executives are expected to gather and network for the annual MD&M West – one of the largest annual medical device manufacturing events. The event takes place at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, Calif., Feb. 6–8, and houses an array of industry suppliers showcasing their latest technologies and manufacturing advancements. Think medical

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Guill Tool opens in-house rheology lab

Guill Tool has launched its in-house rheology laboratory to minimize the time between testing and production. The company built its rheology lab in its West Warwick, R.I. facility. The lab has several machines that help produce optimum results when testing new materials that need to be extruded. The equipment is a hybrid rotational rheometer, a

These nanosponges remove sepsis-causing bacteria from the bloodstream

California researchers have created a nanosponge that is designed to absorb and remove molecules that are known to cause sepsis. Researchers from the University of California at San Diego created macrophage nanosponges that are wrapped in the cell membranes of macrophages and can safely absorb and remove sepsis-causing molecules from the bloodstream. So far, the

Northwire expands biocompatibility compliance

Northwire (Osceola, Wis.) announced that it has finished additional testing to certify its BioCompatic material line to be in accordance with ISO 10993-10 irritation and skin sensitization requirements. The company’s BioCompatic material is designed to create optimized, safe and dependable medical cables while meeting biocompatibility standards under USP Class VI and compliance to ISO 10993-5 cytotoxicity.

Teknor Apex veteran Robert Brookman dies

Robert Brookman – a vinyl compounding industry expert with 50 years of experience – died last November at the age of 83, according to Teknor Apex Co. (Pawtucket, R.I.), where Brookman was most recently VP of business development. Brookman joined Teknor Apex about 20 years ago after holding executive positions with other compounding companies, with a focus