9 battery and power source advances you need to know

In the drive toward tinier implantable medical devices and wearable health sensors, battery and power source technology has been a major stumbling block. As experts noted in a discussion about battery technology during DeviceTalks Minnesota in June, battery innovation in the field is especially slow. Going too fast has its risks, too. Case in point

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Here’s how exosuits affect your joints

People who wear soft exosuits use 23% less energy when walking while also reducing stress on their ankle joints, according to a recently published study out of Harvard. The researchers previously showed that a soft robotic exosuit could lower energy expenditures in healthy people who need to carry things on their backs, but the new research shows

Go green… Save money?

Cees Links/GM/Qorvo Wireless Connectivity There’s been a lot of talk lately about smart homes. The convenience, the security, the gadgets, even the health benefits—like a smart refrigerator that tracks nutrition. But can a smart home fatten your wallet at the same time that it’s shrinking your waistline? It’s easy to understand how being more efficient

Global launch of a new additive manufacturing initiative a success

Lloyd’s Register Energy and TWI launched a joint industry project (JIP) inviting companies from across the world to tackle the current and future issues faced by manufacturers supplying the energy industry – this latest JIP focuses on additive manufacturing. Called ‘Certification of laser powder additive manufactured components for industrial adoption in the energy and offshore

Continuous 225W with natural convection for medical type BF power supply

Powerbox, a European power supply company, introduces new Medline 225 series ac and dc single output open frame converters for medical type BF applications. The new OFM225 with its 3 x 5 in. footprint and 1.5 in. height is designed for a continuous output power of 225W with natural convection and 40°C ambient temperature, increasing to

Fairview Microwave presents cost effective, coaxial packaged and low-noise amplifiers

Fairview Microwave, a supplier of on-demand microwave and RF components, has several active components that cover broad RF & microwave frequency bands. For medical applications, components such as coaxial RF amplifiers can find their way into patient monitoring and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems supporting the testing and scanning functions. Also they can be deployed

Prescribing the right power supply: Important considerations for using batteries to power medical devices

Sol Jacobs, VP and General Manager, Tadiran Batteries Medical technology is advancing rapidly, requiring increasingly sophisticated power management solutions, especially when then the device needs to be self-powered. Battery-powered medical devices encompass a wide range of applications, including surgical drills, power tools, automatic external defibrillators (AEDs), infusion pumps, bone growth stimulators and other wearable devices,

Banner Engineering introduces the TL70 wireless tower light

Banner Engineering introduces the TL70 wireless tower light. Combining the company’s industry-recognized tower light family with its field-proven Sure Cross wireless technology, the TL70 wireless tower light offers superior monitoring and visual status indication for remote applications, general and machine status, mobile call for parts, mobile work stations, threshold sensing and other applications where wired solutions

Pepping up PEP: Launching of new Design & Additive Manufacturing Center

Precision Engineered Products’s (PEP) new “Design & Additive Manufacturing Center,” which opens in August 2015, already has several projects underway, particularly prototyping projects using the center’s advanced capabilities. Carl Anderson, general manager at the Design & Additive Manufacturing Center, explained that the original concept was to establish a strong design and additive manufacturing presence for

Piezoelectric Valve Extends Battery Life of Oxygen Container

Long-term oxygen therapy is the only intervention known to increase life expectancy for the more than 30 million chronic obstructive pulmonary disease sufferers in the U.S. Providing people with the correct amount of oxygen is critical to preventing blood oxygen levels from dropping below normal and stressing vital organs and limiting ambulation. The unit uses

Unique Materials for Medical and Alternative Energy Applications

When production processes or product requirements change, you frequently have to spec new or different materials. Here are some that could upgrade your customer’s existing products or even help launch new ones. PolyMed composite tubing is a non-conductive, electrically safe, insulating material. Several suppliers have developed materials that are well suited for the medical and

Three GE Technologies Help with Filtration and Separation for Lifescience Applications

KANSAS CITY, MO — GE Energy Services’ Filtration Technologies Team highlighted several new technologies at MD&M West for medical and life science companies needing enhanced filtration and separation for various applications. The technologies optimize flow and retention characteristics by relying on expanded polyterafluoroethylene (ePTFE) membranes. Compared to other porous materials, ePTFE membranes show superior performance