The 10 hottest medtech startups of 2017


Onkos Surgical

Technology: uDesign for musculoskeletal oncology

CEO: Patrick Treacy


Onkos Surgical is a specialty medtech company focused on surgical oncology. It has a technology portfolio aimed at utilizing 3D printing capabilities, limb restoration tools, biologic solutions and more to help cancer patients. The suite of technologies is enabled by a service and surgical planning platform called uDesign Patient Solutions.

UDesign is a consultative, concierge level service for surgeons enabling personalized planning for each patient. Additional technologies include the Eleos limb salvage system for procedures where radical resection and replacement of the distal femur, proximal femur, proximal tibia or total femur is required. My3D technology develops personalized implant, instrument and anatomic model designs to aid surgeons when performing operative procedures. Highly qualified image processors segment CT scans to create 3D computer models of the hard and soft (tumor) tissue. The models are then reviewed by the surgeon in partnership with technical experts to generate essential pre-operative and intra-operative surgical solutions, allowing the surgeon to better manage individual patient outcomes. Health practitioners can use Onkos’s GenVie for patients with complications such as wound closure, bone regeneration, and nerve and soft tissue challenges that require biologic adjuvant to improve healing.

In April, the company announced that it closed a $17.6 million round of Series B funding.


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  1. Heather, great insights on the changing needs for medtech start-ups. We were thrilled to see, Madorra, one of our collaborating partners make your top 10. Look forward to following your updates on this incredible startup space.

    • Heather Thompson says:

      They are doing some important work. Thanks, Juan. I’m excited to see the latest crop of startups for 2018 as well.

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