The 10 hottest medtech startups of 2017


Catalia Health

Technology: Mabu personal healthcare companion

CEO: Cory Kidd


Catalia Health’s approach is to focus primarily on creating patient engagement because the effectiveness of any solution requires its long-term use by the patient. Their solution is to combine human psychology (which prefers and trusts content more when it is delivered “in person”) and artificial intelligence. The AI creates unique conversations that are personalized to that patient’s persona and based on the psychology of behavior change.

Current solutions leave too many gaps and fail to engage patients for more than a few weeks. It is presently not cost effective for health providers to call or visit patients daily.

Catalia Health engages relationships with each patient using the Mabu personal healthcare companion. On top of this relationship, Catalia develops conversations around each of its patient’s treatments based on the best medical practices around each treatment condition. Mabu will check in on a patient’s adherence to their treatment program. This might include medication dosing and scheduling, use of diagnostic equipment and adherence to a nutritional and/or physical fitness programs. Catalia Health also collects data about each patient’s side-effects, their health and satisfaction, and each patient’s outcomes. This data provides insights into which treatments work and under what circumstances. Catalia will launch pilots with pharmaceutical companies and integrated health systems later this year.


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  1. Heather, great insights on the changing needs for medtech start-ups. We were thrilled to see, Madorra, one of our collaborating partners make your top 10. Look forward to following your updates on this incredible startup space.

    • Heather Thompson says:

      They are doing some important work. Thanks, Juan. I’m excited to see the latest crop of startups for 2018 as well.

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