Steute Meditech launches new table and chair foot switches

Steute Meditech has recently launched new medical table and chair foot switches. The new designs make the new additions easy-to-navigate and ergonomic for better ease-of-use and user comfort. Each of the units are customizable for both functionality and cosmetics for certain chair/table capabilities without the need for additional engineering or tooling costs. Steute medical-grade foot

Steute Industrial Controls of Ridgefield CT offers a comprehensive line of industrial grade wireless switches

In the past, the majority of wireless industrial control devices available have been for the monitoring, transmitting, receiving and processing of continuously variable (analog) parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow, humidity and speed. More recently an array of wireless components has emerged that generate and receive simple “on-off” signals for start/stop control, presence/position sensing, counting,

SpineGuard expands PediGuard franchise with launch of PediGuard Threaded drilling device at NASS annual meeting

SpineGuard (FR0011464452 – ALSGD) recently announced that it will launch its next-generation PediGuard “Threaded” device enabled by DSG (Dynamic Surgical Guidance) technology at next week’s 31stannual meeting of the North American Spine Society (NASS) in Boston on October 26-29. The innovative PediGuard Threaded device with DSG is a drilling instrument with a threaded shaft design

Saelig introduces high efficiency and high power density 1500W

Saelig has introduced the PSU-Series of single output programmable switching DC power supplies that can provide up to 200 A current and cover a power range up to 1520 W. These high efficiency, high power density supplies include five models from 6 to 60 V rated voltages. The PSU-series can be connected in series for

Foot switches for imaging equipment

Steute’s X-Ray, MRI, and CT device foot switches provide reliable control for the diverse requirements demanded of these diagnostic tools. The easy-to-navigate and ergonomic designs makes for ease-of-use and user comfort. Units can be customized for functionality and cosmetics (colors, logos, icons, graphics) to complement the requirements and capabilities of your specific device… without any non-recurring engineering costs.

Powerbox presents new products ready to power Industry 4.0

Powerbox, one of Europe’s largest power supply companies, introduces four new power supplies designed to power Industry 4.0 applications. As part of Powerbox Industrial Line, the four series are based on the latest power switching technologies; LLC, synchronous rectification, active PFC, low leakage current and energy optimization. From 80 W up to 400 W, the

Fairview Microwave introduces a new line of Single Pole Double Throw PIN Diode switches

Fairview Microwave introduced a new line of Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) PIN Diode Switches that offer exceptional reliability and repeatable performance in compact and rugged coaxial packages. They are commonly used in RF, microwave and millimeter-wave test systems associated with test and measurement, communications systems, medical equipment and laboratory experimentation. Specific applications may include

Linemaster unveils its new Phacoemulsification foot switch

Linemaster Switch, a manufacturer of foot controls in the world, is proud to introduce a foot control specifically designed for Phacoemulsification applications. “Phacoemulsification” is a form of cataract surgery that uses a foot switch to control the irrigation, aspiration and ultrasonic power delivery to a probe that breaks up and removes a cataract from your eye.

Linemaster presents new ENT foot control

Linemaster has developed a new custom medical grade foot control prominent in the ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) branch of surgery. This foot control was designed with a unique pedal that uses Hall Effect technology for varying the speed of a microdebrider. The smooth linearity of the pedal allows for the user to have complete control over

Steute introduces field-proven, wireless, medical-grade foot switches

Since 2004, Steute has pioneered the development of wireless foot switches for medical applications, with thousands installed worldwide controlling radiology systems, ophthalmic surgery equipment, surgical microscopes, patient tables and other devices. These units are designed with their proprietary, globally-accessible, 2.4 GHz frequency-hopping protocol. This bidirectional, 32 RF-channel protocol changes transmission frequency 200 times per second

New medical-grade foot switches from Steute

Whether in diagnostics, the operating theatre or doctors’ surgeries, medical equipment must be operated intuitively if physicians and other medical staff are to be able to concentrate fully on their patients. In this field of very demanding man-machine interfaces, Steute possesses comprehensive expertise. Steute Meditec produces not only a standard range of foot and hand

Newark element14 and Eaton launch new custom switch design service

Global electronics distributor Newark element14, together with components manufacturer Eaton, is launching a custom design service for electrical rocker switches. The new custom switches program offers the ability to create tailor-made Eaton NGR and Sealed Vehicle Rocker (SVR) rocker switches in a variety of colors with custom logos and imaging. Switches can be ordered in

GLF’s IQSmart Load Switches Extend Battery Life in Wearable Applications

GLF Integrated Power, Inc., an emerging leader in efficient power switch technology, announces mass market release of the first product in its IQSmart line of high-performance load switches. The GLF71311 load switch offers these best-in-class features: an off-state leakage current (ISD) of 5 nA, typ., at 3.3 VIN; a logic operating current (IQ) of less

C&K introduces new five-million-cycle ultra long life SMT tact switches for demanding applications

C&K Components, a global manufacturer of electromechanical switches, smart card interconnect devices, and high reliability connectors, has expanded its KSC Series sealed SMT tact switches with the addition of four ultra long life switches that deliver up to five million cycles. Featuring momentary action functionality, single-pole, single-throw (SPST) contact arrangement, the IP67-rated KSC Series ultra long

Schurter to showcase innovative medical Protection Class II products at MD&M West 2016

MD&M West 2016, also known as Medical Design & Manufacturing West, will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center on February 9 through 11. Schurter will be there demonstrating its high performance AC connectors, switches and circuit protection products that safely and reliably optimize equipment performance. The featured product this year will be the KMF and DC12 power