9 exhibitors to check out at MD&M Minneapolis

MD&M Minneapolis is an event that brings together more than 5,500 medtech professionals and more than 600 suppliers together at one of the largest medical device industry hubs in the United States. Here are nine exhibitors showcasing some of their latest technologies and services at the show, which takes place Nov. 8–9 at the Minneapolis

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Norman Noble celebrates 70 years of innovation in Cleveland

Norman Noble, a global contract manufacturer of next-generation medical implants, is celebrating its 70th year of business in Northeast Ohio. The company was founded in 1946 in Cleveland. Today, two generations of the Noble family maintain guiding principles to lead the company–and the industry–with technologically advanced capabilities and exceptional service. The company has grown to 600

New rapid development prototype services

Norman Noble, Inc., the world’s leading contract manufacturer of next-generation implants, has added dedicated capacity in its Process Development Centers (PDCs) to produce prototype iterations faster for medical device OEMs. The new capability, dubbed Rapid Development Effort (RDE), is currently available for: · Laser Processing Services – Nitinol Stents, Transcatheter Heart Valves, Neuro Clot Pullers

Norman Noble, Inc. introduces SynchroFlash Machining

Norman Noble, Inc. introduces SynchroFlash, a new machining capability that synchronizes Swiss turning & milling and laser machining into one, highly efficient and cost- effective operation. SynchroFlash machining provides cost savings, faster production, better quality and higher yields versus competing manufacturing methods, which require multiple, separate processes. SynchroFlash, is currently available for use by medical

Athermal laser machining for medical implants is the topic of Norman Noble’s latest whitepaper

Thermal lasers have achieved extraordinary results in microprecision manufacturing of medical implants and devices the past 20 years. Devices we take for granted today, such as vascular stents, could not be produced without the technology; however, there are still significant limitations on what medical implant and device manufactures can produce using thermal lasers. One major issue

Athermal laser machining cuts bioabsorbable polymers and more

A the recent MD&M East trade show in New York, Norman Noble, discussed the capability of athermal laser manufacturer. The company has developed the Noble S.T.E.A.L.T.H. (System To Enable Ablation Laser Technology Haz-free). The athermal laser machining process was developed to create precise features in any material, including bioabsorbable polymers, shape memory metals and other

Design for Manufacturability opens doors to lower medical device costs

Engineers at Norman Noble, Inc. (NNI) say that product design contributes significantly to the overall cost of the finished medical device. Therefore, medical device OEMs that have the foresight to consider manufacturing and design issues upfront, can shorten their product development time, minimize development cost and ensure a smooth transition into production for quick time-to-market.