11 companies with interesting technology at MD&M East

Thousands of engineers and executives are expected to descend on the Javits Center in New York next week for MD&M East, the largest medical device manufacturing event on the East Coast. Fun attractions include Apple co-founder Steve “Woz” Wozniak delivering a keynote speech, the 19th annual Medical Design Excellence Awards, robot battles and a 3D printed

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7 disruptive innovations from medical device suppliers

Medical device innovation doesn’t just come from small, single-product startups – contract manufacturers are increasingly a part of developing truly disruptive medtech.  Chris Newmarker, Managing Editor People sometimes make the mistake of viewing innovation as the product of a few geniuses and mavericks. But in fact, it is often the result of teamwork, as the writer

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MD&M West 2017: 7 medical device industry supplier innovations

Updated Feb. 10, 2017 More than 20,000 engineers and executives headed to Anaheim, California, over the past week for MD&M West—which its creator UBM bills as the world’s largest annual medical device manufacturing event. The event boasts a multitude of medical device–related products and services, ranging from co-extrusion to metal cleaning fluids. Here are 7 of the

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Zeus expands PTFE profiles for Medical Applications

Zeus Aeos ePTFE products are made by expanding extruded PTFE, under controlled conditions, during the manufacturing process. This process alters the physical properties of the product by creating microscopic pores in the structure of the material. The resulting product is imparted with unique physical properties that make it ideal for use in a host of

Spun PTFE make a fabric for filters, covering stents, and more

Zeus Bioweb is a material produced by electrospinning PTFE into polymeric fibers with extremely small thicknesses that range from nano- to microscale. These electrospun fibers form materials producing a broad range of fiber and fabric properties. Electrospun membrane products and covering are suitable for medical and industrial applications, including specialty filtration media and coverings for

Zeus offers product sampling program to its customers

One of the biggest blocks OEMs run across when generating prototypes is lack of immediate access to high-quality materials. Zeus has an answer: A free-sampling program is being rolled out to all Zeus customers to provide tubing samples that typically arrive overnight and free of charge. Known as the Zeus Virtual Sample Locker (VSL), the