10 new crowdfunded health devices that will intrigue you


crowdfunded health devices

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With crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, companies can obtain the funding for ideas they want to come to life (even potato salad parties), with the promise of something in return to the donors. And while crowdfunding presents challenges for regulated medical devices, it’s proven to be a boon for startups touting potentially innovative health and wellness devices to consumers.

Some of these devices raise eyebrows, of course. Do they actually work? Is there credible research to back up the technology? Are they going to run afoul of FDA? But they are nevertheless intriguing – and offer potential food for thought for medical device developers.

From devices that fix your posture to dissolvable strips meant to replace pills, here are 10 intriguing health and wellness campaigns seeking the funds to get their devices manufactured and delivered.

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  1. We would like to learn about raising money for a new electric dental drill we have developed.

    • Chris Newmarker says:

      Thanks, Alex. We’re not experts on fundraising. (We just write stories about people who are. 🙂 ) You might reach out to some of the people doing these crowdfunding campaigns, ask how things are going for them and whether they have lessons learned. If you have a medical device industry association in your area, they might be able to offer you some tips, too, or forward you to someone who can offer advice. Good luck with your endeavor!

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