The 11 most innovative medical devices of 2017

The nominees for the best medical technology of 2017 were recently announced for the 11th Annual Prix Galien USA Awards. The Galien Foundation, the host of the awards, hands out the the Prix Galien Award annually to examples of outstanding biomedical and technology product achievement designed to improve human condition. Before candidates can qualify for

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Boston Scientific launches third Connected Patient Challenge

Boston Scientific today announced the launch of its third annual Connected Patient Challenge, which it is holding in collaboration with Google and Medstro. The last competition was about big data, artificial intelligence and patient-engagement technologies. This time around, the competition is offering winners up to $50,000 in services to help them realize their big idea about how

How Boston Scientific is boosting medical device value

Boston Scientific over the summer unveiled a new value-add for its implantable cardio devices: an online Trugevity calculator that lets physicians predict battery life. The idea is to help health providers quickly grasp the benefits of Boston Sci’s longer lasting EnduraLife battery technology, which the company touts has nine clinical studies and eight years of real-world

Here is Boston Scientific’s plan to win in medtech

When it comes to Boston Scientific succeeding in the medical device industry, CEO Mike Mahoney says it is about “category leadership.” Health providers, especially in the U.S., are consolidating, so Boston Sci needs to persuade hospital system officials that their products are the best in particular areas. “Category leadership is everything. Hospitals – whether you’re in Korea

3 enduring leadership lessons to boost your medtech success

This one is for the caffeine-addled world-changers out there, who consume leadership memes on Linkedin for breakfast, searching for inspiration with the same passion as a bigfoot truther. Brian Johnson, Publisher For the past 6 years, I’ve interviewed the most successful men and women in the medical device industry at DeviceTalks, a conference I founded

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How Boston Sci is getting drug-eluting stents and balloons into legs

Boston Scientific officials think they have a leg up when it comes to bringing drug-eluting technology to bear on peripheral artery disease. That’s because the medical device giant has decades of experience with balloons and drug-eluting stents used around the heart. When it comes to treating the narrowing arteries in the legs and thighs, Boston

These big medtech names performed the best in early 2017

Fink Densford, Associate Editor and Chris Newmarker, Managing Editor This year so far has been an especially good one for medical device company stocks. More than four-fifths of the world’s 100 largest medical device companies saw their stock values increase during the first quarter of 2017 – about half enjoyed double-digit percentage increases, according to an analysis

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Boston Scientific’s Connected Patient Challenge: Big data takes center stage

In partnership with Google and Medstro, Boston Scientific featured companies tackling healthcare with big data at its 2nd annual Connected Patient Challenge. Big data, artificial intelligence and patient-engagement technologies were among the systems featured at yesterday’s Connected Patient Challenge hosted by Boston Scientific (NYSE:BSX) at Google’s Cambridge, Mass. facility. The Shark Tank–style event featured 6 companies competing

Report: Boston Scientific’s U.S. hiring flat despite device tax pause

Boston Scientific (NYSE:BSX), a longtime vocal opponent of the medical device tax, has argued that the 2.3% tax would kill jobs in the industry. However, a report from the Boston Business Journal shows that the company’s U.S. headcount has remained constant over the past year. In its recent annual filing, the Marlboro-based firm said it ended the year

S&P: Medtech outlook stable, even after downgrades

The outlook for investment-grade medical device companies remains stable even after a 3-year streak of 9 consecutive downgrades, according to a new report from S&P. The downgrade of investment-grade medical device companies was mostly caused by debt-financed mergers and acquisitions, according to S&P. Factors like changes in operating performance trends and financial policy also contributed

Boston Sci giving lift to new erectile dysfunction device

Want to put some lead in your pencil? Try nitinol instead. The wonder metal—a nickel-titanium alloy with heat-activated shape memory—has proved essential for Wisconsin and Illinois researchers building what British tabloids are calling a “bionic penis.” Chuckles aside, the proposed implant has enough potential advantages over existing erectile dysfunction treatment implants that Boston Scientific officials

Covington Associates advises Cosman in Boston Scientific buyout

Covington Associates said late last month it acted as an exclusive advisor to radio-frequency ablation system manufacturer Cosman Medical during its acquisition by Boston Scientific (NYSE:BSX). Through the acquisition, Cosman Medical’s team and products were folded into Boston Scientific’s neuromodulation business, the company said. “This acquisition is a natural extension of our current product portfolio and

How catheters are driving healthcare innovation

The catheter is not the Hollywood starlet of medical devices. Hardly glamorous, it’s a tube that goes inside the body. Despite their diminutive size and seemingly basic function, however, catheters have become an integral part of the modern healthcare system and are driving innovation in the industry. Navigating the human circulatory system can be a

Simulating the release mechanism in drug-eluting stents

Simulations of drug-eluting stents by engineers at Boston Scientific provide an understanding of the drug-release mechanism by tying experimental findings to a computational model. Lexi Carver, Comsol, Inc Contributing authors: Travis Schauer and Ismail Guler, Boston Scientific Corp Treating arteries in the heart that have been blocked by plaque is a common challenge for medical