Sensirion releases pressure-resistant mass flow meter

Sensirion recently unveiled its SFM4200 digital mass flow meter that is designed to be used for gas mixing in medtech applications. The SFM4200 has a high pressure resistance that can be operated at pressures of up to 8 bar pressure. It can also measure flow rates up to 160 slm with a rapid signal processing

Sensirion unveils new RH/T sensor module

Sensirion will tout its CO2 and RH/T sensor module SCD30 that is designed to sense humidity, temperature and carbon dioxide concentration at AHR Expo 2018. The AHR Expo is set to take place in Chicago, Jan. 22-24. The sensor features CMOSense Technology for IR detection to accurately measure carbon dioxide levels through a dual-channel principle.

9 exhibitors to check out at MD&M Minneapolis

MD&M Minneapolis is an event that brings together more than 5,500 medtech professionals and more than 600 suppliers together at one of the largest medical device industry hubs in the United States. Here are nine exhibitors showcasing some of their latest technologies and services at the show, which takes place Nov. 8–9 at the Minneapolis

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Sensirion touting flow and pressure sensors at MD&M Minneapolis

Sensirion is touting its new and enhanced sensor solutions for measuring humidity and temperature, gas and liquid flow and differential pressure at MD&M Minneapolis this year. The company’s LD20 series sensors use liquid flow sensing technology in a single-use design that can be used for high volume applications in a variety of medical applications. The

Sensirion completes development of single-use liquid flow sensor

Sensirion has announced that product development for its single-use liquid flow sensor LD20 has been completed and is ready for production. The flow sensor is designed to quickly and precisely measure the lowest flow rates and has already received a number of international awards. The sensor is compact and cost-effective and can be used for

Sensirion gas sensors now available globally

Sensirion’s multi-pixel gas sensor has recently gone global. The siloxane-resistant SGP multi-pixel gas sensor is available worldwide through the company’s distribution network. The SGP gas sensor features long-term stability and multi-pixel technology that can be used for environmental monitoring. Other metal-oxide gas sensors have poor long-term stability because of their irreversible contamination by siloxanes. The

New possibilities in diagnostics thanks to miniature flow sensor

Susanne Jungmann, Product Manager Liquid Flow Sensors, Sensirion AG In medical diagnostics, the trend towards near-patient lab diagnostics (point-of-care testing, or POCT) continues apace. The idea is that testing should take place as promptly as possible and ideally directly at the patient’s bedside. For more complex examinations, precise microfluidic systems are required. One well-known example

Low-pressure-drop Digital Flow Meter from Sensirion

Sensirion is launching the new digital SFM3000 mass flow meter for high-volume applications in medical devices, process automation and burner control. The flow channel is designed to achieve a very low pressure drop of less than 3mbar through the sensor element. The flow meter bi-directionally measures the flow of air and other non-aggressive gases at