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Extol, Inc.:Medical Design & Outsourcing Managing Editor Nic Abraham and Design World Editorial Director Paul Heney discuss Clippard's line of 7mm normally closed electronic valves, suitable for use in medical applications. The valves have an expected life cycle of 1 billion cycles.

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heart mesh

Heart failure: New electric mesh device gives the heart an electromechanical hug

A research team led by investigators at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) and Seoul National University has developed a new electric mesh device that can be wrapped around the heart to deliver electrical impulses and thereby improve cardiac function in experimental models of heart failure, a major public health concern and leading cause of

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logo STE-DPTA bis

STMicroelectronics unveils free simulator to aid design for electromagnetic compatibility

STMicroelectronics, a global semiconductor developer serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, is helping protect today’s smart devices by making shirt pockets, car dashboards, office desks and other statically dangerous locations safer through the introduction of a new software tool that guides the selection of the right protection components for integrated-circuit designs right from the

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surface mount fuse

Bel Fuse introduces a new, square ceramic surface mount quick acting fuse series

Announced by Bel Fuse, a global manufacturer of standard glass and ceramic cartridge fuses including axial leaded board mounted options, is the expansion of Bel Fuse Circuit Protection square ceramic surface mount quick acting fuse series, Type 0679L. The fully automated 0679L Series will replace Bel’s Type SSQ Series, offering more competitive pricing. Both, the

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Ones to Watch, ten companies we’re keeping an eye on

It’s tough to pick just 10 medtech startups to profile out of the hundreds or thousands dotting the U.S. landscape, but we tried anyway. It helped that we kept our criteria simple: A relatively new company, with only one or two (or no) financing rounds under their belts. Some are so deeply in stealth mode

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Flexible waveguides from Fairview help fix common alignment issues in waveguide systems

Fairview Microwave, a supplier of on-demand microwave and RF components, introduces a new portfolio of flexible waveguides operating up to 40 GHz over nine popular frequency bands. These new flexible waveguides, also known as “flex guides,” are most commonly deployed as a pliable signal conduit in misaligned waveguide systems where traditional rigid waveguide sections are

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TDK introduces a new series of medically and ITE-certified power supplies

TDK introduces the TDK-Lambda CUS200M series of medically and ITE-certified power supplies. Featuring efficiency levels of up to 94%, internal heating is reduced allowing electrolytic capacitor life to be extended. The CUS200M can deliver 200 W convection cooled and up to 250 W with 1.5 m/s airflow and is packaged in the industry 3 by

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enLabel Logo

enLabel to hold interactive panel discussion at the fourth annual Medical Device Global Labeling Strategies Conference

enLabel Global Services is the first-time Bronze Sponsor of the Fourth Annual Medical Device Global Labeling Strategies Conference, hosted by Marcus Evans, on August 9 to 11, in Minneapolis. The conference will focus on designing flexible labeling systems to manage global regulatory requirements, adopting precise language that is easily translatable and culturally transferable, enhancing labeling

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MediBatch Color Concentrates(1)

Foster introduces FDA approved MediBatch color concentrates

Foster Corporation, a producer of custom polymers for medical devices, introduced a new line of color concentrates using FDA 21CFR 73 subpart D pigments for medical device applications. In support of medical customers in early stages of product development, Foster’s MediBatch color concentrates will be available in single pound quantities. Medical devices often use custom

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SPRINGS compilation

Trelleborg provides springs for medical device industry

At 2016 MD&M East, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions demonstrates its advancements in spring technology for medical devices with a comprehensive range of springs including wave, compression, wire-formed. These components are custom-designed to meet demanding design challenges in medical devices. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions can deliver springs for virtually any medical device application such as insulin pumps, pen

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Hoffmann + Krippner announces new P-DMS Printed Polymer Strain Gage

Hoffmann + Krippner announced that their new P-DMS Polymer Strain Gage is now shipping. This compact and cost-effective solution for measuring pressure is based on Hoffmann + Krippner’s patented sensor paste technology printed onto a PCB board. Extremely sensitive to slight pressures, a small deformation to the paste generates a change of its electrical resistance

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Bel Power Solutions’ PFE1100 1100W front-end series of AC-DC power supplies to expand

Announced by Bel Fuse, a premier global manufacturer of power management devices, is the expansion of Bel Power Solutions’ PFE1100 1100W front-end series to include Screw type input connector for normal airflow PFE1100-12-054SD and reverse airflow PFE1100-12-054TD airflow power supplies. This product provides a 12 VDC output with 5 or 3.3 V pin-selectable standby. Exceeding

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Prime Medical (PRNewsFoto/Prime Medical)

Line of bactericidal soft surfaces kill germs on contact

Prime Medical announced the launch of its SAF-T line of bactericidal soft surfaces for healthcare. This line of privacy curtains, bed linens, towels and apparel for patients and staff are made with a patented fabric that harnesses the power of chlorine bleach to continuously kill the colonization of bacteria and viruses with 99.95% effectiveness, providing

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Silicone sealant and potting for metal bonding

Epoxyset introduces the Silcast 8446 silicone system specifically designed to offer superior bonding characteristics to metal surfaces. This innovative system protects sensitive electronics from environmental conditions, thermal cycling stresses and vibrational shock. It can be silk screened to create strong automotive gaskets or used as a potting or encapsulation compound for component protection of delicate

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PlasticsOne illustrates the making of a perfect cable

There are five fundamental constituents that make a cable: conductor, insulation, shield, filler and strength member. The conductor carries the power or signal to its desired location. The insulation isolates the conductor from adjacent electrical paths. The shield protects the conductor signal integrity from RFI, EMI and EMP sources. The filler is used to make

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DJO Global launches MotionMD Software to optimize clinic productivity
and enhance patient experience

DJO Global, a global provider of medical technologies designed to get and keep people moving, unveiled their MotionMD software solution at the 2016 Annual Conference of the American Association of Orthopaedic Executives (AAOE). MotionMD is an intuitive, web-based point-of-care solution designed to streamline claims management and inventory dispensing. This paperless software solution can help orthopedic

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