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Angela Vicari, a partner in Kaye Scholer’s New York office with widely recognized experience in product liability and mass tort defense, explains the legal implications of the surge in 3D-printed medical devices.

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regenerative bandage

Regenerative bandage heals diabetic wounds faster

At some point in their lives, 15% of people with diabetes will develop a painful and hard-to-treat foot ulcer. Twenty-four percent of those  will require a lower-leg amputation. And, in some instances, what seems initially like a harmless sore might even lead to death. A Northwestern University team developed a new treatment for this severe and

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Revolutionary method to map the brain at single-neuron resolution successfully demonstrated

Neuroscientists revealed a new way of mapping the brain at the resolution of individual neurons, which they  successfully demonstrated in the mouse brain. The new multiplexed analysis of projections by sequencing (MAPseq) method makes it possible in a single experiment to trace the long-range projections of large numbers of individual neurons from a specific region or regions

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Brass Knuckle provides highly advanced facial protection with Vader Combo

If your job leaves you exposed to any kind of wetness or debris being thrown into your face, you need protection—from the sun, from impact, from splash—and even from dangerous, temporarily impaired vision caused by your eye protection fogging up. These combined hazards require a combined solution: the Vader Combo from Brass Knuckle. Vader Combo is

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UDI-Top-10-Infographic-JPEG Infographic

Tips for meeting the deadline: One month until U.S. FDA UDI compliance date for Class II devices

The compliance date for device labelers to place Unique Device Identifiers (UDIs) on their Class II devices is approaching quickly. Under the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) final rule, Class II devices must be labeled with UDIs starting September 24, 2016. FDA consulting firm Registrar Corp is providing tips to help labelers of Class

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Teleflex OEM_Bioabsorbable Yarns

Teleflex Medical OEM announces bioabsorbable sutures, yarns and resins

Teleflex Medical OEM, a global developer in fiber-based products, announces the availability of bioabsorbable sutures, yarns and resins that can be custom-configured to meet the performance requirements for specific applications. The bioabsorbable product portfolio includes: Bondek Plus and Monodek sutures; multi-filament yarns constructed of PGA (polyglycolic acid), PLLA (poly-L-lactic acid) and PGLA (poly acid-co-poly-L-lactic acid); and

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parkinson's detection

Parkinson’s could potentially be detected by an eye test

Researchers may have discovered a method of detecting changes in the eye which could identify Parkinson’s disease before its symptoms develop. Scientists at University College London (UCL) say their early animal tests could lead to a cheap and non-invasive way to spot the disease. Parkinson’s affects 1 in 500 people and is the second most common

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Designed with an integrated spring system, the CA Counterbalance Hinge allows a heavy lid to be lifted with minimal operating effort, and it will continue to hold it securely in any position.

New counterbalance hinge from Southco makes heavy lids and panels feel lightweight

Southco, a global developer in engineered access hardware solutions, has recently expanded its successful line of position control hinges with the addition of a new hinge designed to assist the lifting and positioning of heavy lids and panels. Designed with an integrated spring system, the CA Counterbalance Hinge allows a heavy lid to be lifted with

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strike layer

PTFE liner with strike layer boosts adhesion

Vention can maximize adhesion in your catheter assembly by adding strike layer. Vention’s film-coat PTFE liners on mandrels are available with a microthin, thermoplastic outer layer. This “strike layer” adds up to 60% more bond strength between the etched PTFE surface and the catheter assembly, reducing the risk of delamination. Several configurations of PTFE liners with

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7497 MN Rubber Quniton Medical

Minimize wear, friction and abrasion in medical materials with Quniton

Medical device designers wanting to improve product performance will find Quniton material is a new high performance lubricious product with permanent, low coefficient of friction (CoF) surface properties. It is an ideal choice for minimizing friction, wear and abrasion in medical valves, plungers, caps and seals. Developed by Minnesota Rubber and Plastics, Quniton does not

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basler camera

New Basler PowerPack with Microscopy pulse 3.3 MP now available

Basler has launched an additional Basler PowerPack for Microscopy as well as an enhanced version of the Basler Microscopy Software. Both are in series production now. The new PowerPack includes the Microscopy pulse 3.3 MP camera which offers impressive image quality as well as an attractive sensor format. With its 4:3 sensor format, the pulse

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Innovative device simulates cataract replacement experience

Today, patients with cataracts can choose from several types of artificial lenses, which are surgically implanted in the eye to replace cloudy lenses that obstruct vision. A new vision simulator could help these patients see how the world would look with each type of implanted artificial lens, before they have surgery. In the Optical Society’s

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Fairview Microwave releases family of coaxial packaged bi-directional amplifiers

Fairview Microwave, a supplier of on-demand microwave and RF components, offers a line of coaxial packaged bi-directional amplifiers used for transmitting and receiving RF signals in popular applications including L and S band radar, commercial air traffic control, weather and earth observation systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned ground vehicles, military radio and satellite communications. These

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Leading providers rapidly adopting mobile strategies for clinical care

Today’s hospitals have infrastructure and systems in place so users can share and access electronic patient data. Unfortunately, just because clinicians can share patient data with other providers does not mean they do so. In fact, recent news from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) shows that only 18% of

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Bal Seal expands line to meet demands for large tolerance sealing

Bal Seal Engineering has expanded its line of sealing products to include the spring-energized PTFE “C-ring” seal. This seal, which can be retrofit into grooves originally designed for elastomeric O-rings, offers improved performance and service life in hardware with large tolerance variations. Bal Seal Engineering, a global provider of custom-engineered sealing, connecting, conducting and EMI

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Purair RX

Air Science presents new high-performance ductless balance hood

The new Purair RX from Air Science is designed to protect the user and the environment from hazardous powders and particulates that are generated on the work surface. The Purair RX is available in 24, 36 and 48 in. models. Innovative ductless technology inherent in the Purair product line creates a safe work environment in a

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