Exact Imaging announces new app for micro-ultrasound system

Micro-ultrasound systems company Exact Imaging (Toronto) said today that it is offering a new FusionVu micro-US/MRI fusion application that complements its ExactVu micro-ultrasound system used in prostate imaging and biopsy. Exact Imaging officials describe the approach behind FusionVu as an easy, cost-effective “cognitive assist” for the urologist. The urologist can quickly import radiological reports from MRI scans

Imaging detects difference between depression and cognitive disorders

Researchers claim that single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) imaging can accurately help differentiate between depression and cognitive disorders like dementia. The study examined 4541 people in total — 847 with dementia, 3269 with depression and 425 with both. SPECT imaging measures the blood flow and activity in the brain and the researchers saw that

Canfield Scientific launches Vectra WB360 whole body imaging solution

Canfield Scientific has commercially launched a version of its whole body, 3D imaging system, the Vectra WB360. It announced the launch during the 75th annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology in Orlando, Fla. The Vectra WB360 imaging system is able to capture the entire exposed skin surface with 46 stereo vision pods and

MR Solutions offers MRI imaging solution for cardiologists

MR Solutions has created 9.4 tesla cryogen-free, preclinical scanners that are ideal for use among cardiologists. The new helium-free Flexiscan and Powerscan scanners are powerful and have multi-modality by integrating PET and SPECT capabilities. The Flexiscan doesn’t need a specialist to operate and can be used by running pre-defined settings. The SPECT image system works by

Cydar lands Roche exec for 3D imaging software play

Cydar EV, a medical software startup, said this week that it hired several new directors, including Roche’s recently-retired chairman Franz Humer. The U.K.-based company is developing cloud-based software to produce 3D images of a patient’s blood vessels in X-ray guided endovascular surgery. Cydar said Humer will bring a “wealth of commercialization” and key developmental insights

Biotronik simplifies MR-Conditional cardiac system selection

Biotronik, a global leader in cardio and endovascular medical technology, has developed an online tool called the ProMRI Configurator that allows physicians to select the right MR-conditional heart monitor, pacing or ICD system for their patients with ease. The ProMRI Configurator is an intuitive, user-friendly tool that allows physicians to select the desired MRI conditions,

Philips has a value argument for new image guided therapy platform

Royal Philips has announced the launch of its next generation image-guided therapy platform, deemed Azurion. Philips designed the platform to allow clinicians to easily perform a variety of routine and complex procedures. Meant for use in interventional labs, Azurion is but another example of medical device products with a strong value-based sales pitch around controlling costs

Researchers create a gadolinium replacement for MRI imaging

A team of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and other institutions have developed a specially coated iron oxide nanoparticle that could provide an alternative to the gadolinium-based contrast agents that are currently used in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) procedures. Gadolinium-based agents cause rare but significant side effects in a small number of

New imaging agent detects metastatic prostate cancer cells

The first-in-human application of an imaging agent has helped identify early and advanced stages of prostate cancer. The new agent, a PET radiotracer, has also shown to be safe and effective, according to the researchers who developed it. The agent, gallium-68 (Ga-68), targets gastrin-releasing peptide receptors and integrin αvβ3. When both receptor types are expressed,

This AI can spot skin cancer as well as doctors

Stanford University researchers say that they’ve trained a deep learning algorithm to identify skin cancer as well as dermatologists. The researchers pitted the artificial intelligence against 21 board-certified dermatologists when it came to diagnosing skin lesions. The deep convolutional neural network’s performance was on par with the experts when it came to spotting the most

Medtronic launches trial for Visualase MRI-Guided laser ablation device in epilepsy patients

Medtronic (NYSE:MDT) said today that the 1st procedure using the Visualase MRI-Guided laser ablation system has been performed in its SLATE clinical trial evaluating the device in patients with drug-resistant mesial temporal lobe epilepsy. The trial is slated to enroll 120 patients with MTLE, the most common form of epilepsy. Researchers will observe the patients

Whale Imaging launches G-Arm Duo imaging system

Whale Imaging, leading designer and manufacturer of the  G-Arm and Sigma Series ultrasound medical imaging systems, announced FDA 510(k) clearance of the G-Arm B6 Duo. The B6 Duo is the next generation of the G-Arm with major improvements including axial tilt and greater table access. “We’re thrilled to be launching this sooner than our original

Philips is bringing augmented reality to surgery: Here’s how

Royal Philips, a leader in integrated image-guided therapy solutions, has developed an augmented-reality (AR) surgical navigation technology. The new technology is designed to help surgeons perform image-guided open and minimally-invasive spine surgery. Philips has 750 hybrid operating rooms installed worldwide to assist with surgical and minimally-invasive endovascular procedures. These hybrid OR solutions paired with the

Machine learning could unlock the brain’s secrets

Scientists have discovered a way to read human thoughts by observing brain activity. They have even determined where 10,000-plus different words are stored in the brain, and it’s all through harnessing the power of machine learning, according to a recent Vox.com article. Since 2011, Jack Gallant and his neuroscience lab at UC Berkeley have been able

OneMedNet and VIDA announce medical imaging partnership

OneMedNet, an image exchange services provider, announced a partnership with precision pulmonary imaging company VIDA Diagnostics (VIDA). Under the agreement, OneMedNet and VIDA will incorporate image exchange into current and future diagnostic and therapeutic procedural workflows to manage patients with pulmonary diseases. VIDA will create an embedded VIDA exchange data sharing solution within its VIDA